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Vein Health Assessment

Online Vein Self-Assesment

The intent of this website is to provide the latest information regarding vein disorders and to create the understanding that there is much more to vein problems than just cosmetic concerns. Do you have vein problems? Would you recognize them?

You Could Be at Risk

  • Roughly 25 million people are affected with vein (also known as venous) disorders in the U.S., making it among the most prevalent disease processes in most industrialized nations.

  • Visible signs of vein disease include: spider veins, varicose veins and open sores on the legs.

  • Vein disease can sometimes cause discomfort in the legs, such as: pain, aching, tiredness, heaviness, swelling and cramping.

  • Despite these symptoms, vein issues are often considered a purely cosmetic problem.

  • New information about vein disease has not yet reached many healthcare providers, leaving patients with inaccurate or inadequate information

What to expect from this assessment and how it can be used

Use this assessment as your personal resource for information about vein problems and to help in understanding whether you are at risk for vein issues, including spider and varicose veins, how they can affect your health and what you can do about them. Ultimately, understanding your vein condition will help you pursue treatments in a more informed, safe manner and improve your quality of life.

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